Dining Table

Designed with care, our dining table models have both the resident and caregiver in mind, with a special provision for increased wheelchair accessibility. Unlike any other product on the market, our height adjustable table features an easy-to-operate pneumatic cylinder that provides effortless and in nite height positioning. Additionally it features a unique, concealed transport system, available as an option. 

Durable, yet lightweight, these tables can be set in place, repositioned, transported and stored with ease. 

Tops are high pressure laminate on 1” particle board core edged with a choice of wood, PVC or poly-resin edge designs.

Dining Table-42" x 42"-Adjustable Height (STHAHDT.4242)
Dining Table-42" x 42"-Standard Fixed Height (STHFHDT.4242)
Dining Table-42" x 42"-Tubular X-Base (STHFHTX.4242)
Dining Table-42" x 42"-Solid Flatbar X-Base (STHFHFX.4242)
Dining Table-42" x 42"-Trumpet Base (STHFHTB.4242)
Dining Table-42" x 42"-Disc Base (STHFHDB.4242)
Dining Table-48" x 48"-Adjustable Height (STHAHDT.4848)
Dining Table-48" x 48"-Standard Fixed Height (STHFHDT.4848)
Dining Table-48" x 48"-Tubular X-Base (STHFHTX.4848)
Dining Table-48" x 48"-Solid Flatbar X-Base (STHFHFX.4848)
Dining Table-48" x 48"-Trumpet Base (STHFHTB.4848)
Dining Table-48" x 48"-Disc Base (STHFHDB.4848)
Dining Table-42" Round-Adjustable Height (STHAHDT.42D)
Dining Table-42" Round-Standard Fixed Height (STHFHDT.42D)
Dining Table-42" Round-Tubular X-Base (STHFHTX.42D)
Dining Table-42" Round-Solid Flatbar X-Base (STHFHFX.42D)
Dining Table-42" Round-Trumpet Base (STHFHTB.42D)
Dining Table-42" Round-Disc Base (STHFHDB.42D)
Dining Table-48" Round-Adjustable Height (STHAHDT.48D)
Dining Table-48" Round-Standard Fixed Height (STHFHDT.48D)
Dining Table-48" Round-Tubular X-Base (STHFHTX.48D)
Dining Table-48" Round-Solid Flatbar X-Base (STHFHFX.48D)
Dining Table-48" Round-Trumpet Base (STHFHTB.48D)
Dining Table-48" Round-Disc Base (STHFHDB.48D)
Dining Table-36" x 36"-Adjustable Height (STHAHDT.3636)
Dining Table-36" x 36"-Standard Fixed Height (STHFHDT.3636)
Dining Table-36" x 36"-Tubular X-Base (STHFHTX.3636)
Dining Table-36" x 36"-Solid Flatbar X-Base (STHFHFX.3636)
Dining Table-36" x 36"-Trumpet Base (STHFHTB.3636)
Dining Table-36" x 36"-Disc Base (STHFHDB.3636)
Dining Table-36" Round-Adjustable Height (STHAHDT.36D)
Dining Table-36" Round-Standard Fixed Height (STHFHDT.36D)
Dining Table-36" Round-Tubular X-Base (STHFHTX.36D)
Dining Table-36" Round-Solid Flatbar X-Base (STHFHFX.36D)
Dining Table-36" Round-Trumpet Base (STHFHTB.36D)
Dining Table-36" Round-Disc Base (STHFHDB.36D)