Pedagogy & Space Review!

Pedagogy & Space Review!

Last week Mark Osborne came all the way from New Zealand to spend a few days with educators across Canada. It was a busy, full week, with six presentations in just five days! 

Over the week Mark's message was the same: "We need to be preparing kids for their future, not our past." He spoke much about why we must change our pedagogy and environments. 

With presentations from Toronto, Ontario, to Dauphin, Manitoba, Mark resonated with many educators as he explored the Drivers of Change and how the physical environment impacts a students learning. 

"Mark was a very good speaker. Hope to hear him again. I was excited to share what I learned with my colleagues. Made me think twice about pedagogy!" - Patti

"Very interesting and has helped me change a mindset in education by sharing the evidence! - Allison

On behalf of the Accent team I would like to thank all those who attended the Pedagogy & Space Presentation. We would also like to thank Mark for coming to Canada to share his research and knowledge with us! Thank you Mark! We are looking forward to possibly working Mark again in 2017!  

Feel free to tell us about your experience, thoughts, and opinions on this event below!

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